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Yoav Niran

Creator of React-Uploady

I started this project in the beginning of 2020 (just before Covid-19 locked us in) as a way to learn but also with the intent of building a cohesive and useful library that others may benefit from. It has been a great ride so far with all of the objectives above achieved and much more.

I am thrilled anew every time I hear someone is using this library or finds it brings value.

I manage and maintain this library on what little free time I find. Please consider supporting the work I do here by donating at: React-Uploady on Open Collective.

Who am I?

By day, I'm a R&D Team Lead @cloudinary. At most other times, an aspiring sci-fi novelist.

I wrote my first sci-fi novel: White Clouds, and I'm working toward self-publishing it. If you're into sci-fi (space operas), please consider checking it out.

I'm currently writing my second book, also sci-fi, unrelated to the first one.


You can get in touch with me on one of these: