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React-Uploady is a lightweight library that enables React application developers to build file-upload features with just a few lines of code.

It does what it does best, provide the foundations needed to upload files from the browser, while leaving the UI (look & feel) up to the application.


The thought behind this library is that it should be as simple as possible to use, yet customizable at every point. You can start simple, or you can configure just about every aspect of the upload flow. For this purpose, Uploady provides components, hooks, and plenty of features. You get to choose which ones you need and only install the dependencies required.

How simple? This is an actual, working, code sample:

Uploady Example
import React from "react";
import Uploady from "@rpldy/uploady";
import UploadButton from "@rpldy/upload-button";

const MyApp = () => (
<Uploady destination={{ url: "" }}>

It is literally, all you need to get file uploading to work in your app.


The example above is obviously very simple. Read on to discover how much more you can enhance the uploading flows of your apps.

As part of its design principals it won't ever include features or capabilities that are done better elsewhere. For example, you won't find an image-cropping component in one of its packages.

However, you will be able to easily integrate Uploady with your cropping tool of choice. See this guide for an illustration of how easy it is to add cropping to your Uploady based uploads.


React-Uploady aims to bring you the entire file-uploading toolkit in order for you to be able to focus on your application's needs.

These are some of its many features:

  • Single & Multiple file uploads
  • Upload progress
  • Abort running uploads (single, batch, all)
  • Retry failed or cancelled uploads
  • Image/Video previews of uploading files
  • Dynamically updating upload params (headers, etc.)
  • Support for drag&drop (including folders)
  • Paste to upload
  • Chunked uploads
  • Resumable uploads (Tus)
  • And more...


Even with all that goodness inside, by design, React-Uploady has a small footprint with almost no 3rd party dependencies.

BundleMinified sizeGZipped size
core + ui39.8KB13.0KB
core + ui + chunked support49.1KB15.3KB

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