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npm install @rpldy/abort


type getAbortEnhancer = () => UploaderEnhancer

Creates an uploader enhancer that adds the ability to abort uploads. Abort can be done on all items at once, on a specific batch, or a single item.

Normal vs. Fast Abort​

When the number of pending/active uploads is less than the configured threshold (fastAbortThreshold param) or when the threshold is turned off (equals 0), normal abort flow will be used.

In case the threshold is configured and the item count is equal or larger, the fast abort flow will be used.

For All Abort, the threshold is compared against the total number of pending/active items For Batch Abort, the threshold is compared against the number of pending/active items in the batch.

In both cases, finished items are ignored in the comparison.


Normal flow means that every item whether its already uploading or still pending will be individually aborted and an "ITEM_ABORT" event will be fired. For abort all, "BATCH_ABORT" event will also be fired respectively.


Fast flow means that only active uploads are cancelled (typically very few as concurrent count is set to 1 by default).

Pending items are ignored and are simply removed from the queue by the uploader. For abort all, "BATCH_ABORT" events will not be fired and no "ITEM_ABORT" event will be fired for pending items.