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npm install @rpldy/chunked-uploady


Name (* = mandatory)TypeDefaultDescription
chunkedbooleantruechunk uploads. setting to false will return to default sending behavior
chunkSizenumber5242880the chunk size. relevant when uploaded file is larger than the value
retriesnumber0how many times to retry sending a failed chunk
parallelnumber0how many (chunk) requests to send simultaneously

In addition, all UploadOptions props can be passed to ChunkedUploady.

See: Uploady documentation for detailed list of upload options.


It's possible to have chunked uploads retry in case of failure. By default, one chunk failing once will cause the entire upload to error.


Chunked Sender makes it possible to handle chunk life-time events. See uploader events section on more info regarding how to register for events.


Triggered when a chunk is about to be sent to the server

This event is cancellable

The event handler may return an object with the following shape:

interface ChunkedOptions {
chunked?: boolean;
chunkSize?: number;
retries?: number;
parallel?: number;

type StartEventResponse = {
url: string,
sendOptions: ChunkedOptions


Triggered when a chunk has finished uploading

Item Error​

In case of chunk upload error in conjunction of using the ITEM_ERROR or the useItemErrorListener hook, it is possible to access the error information returned from the server like so:

import { useItemErrorListener } from "@rpldy/uploady";

const MyComponent = () => {
useItemErrorListener((item) => {
console.log(`item ${} failed - status code:`, item.uploadResponse.chunkUploadResponse.status); //the status code returned by the server on the failed chunk
console.log(`item ${} failed - msg:`, item.uploadResponse.chunkUploadResponse.response); //the response data (if) sent by the server on the failed chunk