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npm install @rpldy/upload-preview


The default way the UploadPreview component learns which items to show previews for is done by internally using the useBatchStartListener hook. This means that for a batch that hasn't started uploading, because a previous batch hasn't finished or when autoUpload = false, the previews for the next batch will not be shown.

If there's a different event (or one completely custom) you want to listen to, for example: the useBatchAddListener hook, you can do that with getUploadPreviewForBatchItemsMethod. With useBatchAddListener, the previews will be shown even for batches that hadn't started to upload yet.

This method expects a hook method as a parameter that will return a batch(-like) object with a items property as an array of BatchItems. It returns a UploadPreview component that will use the custom hook method to learn about the items to preview.


Create a custom UploadPreview components that shows previews earlier by listening to the BATCH_ADD event, instead of BATCH_START.

getUploadPreviewForBatchItemsMethod with Batch Add listener
import React from "react";
import Uploady, { useBatchAddListener } from "@rpldy/uploady";
import { getUploadPreviewForBatchItemsMethod } from "@rpldy/upload-preview";
import UploadButton from "@rpldy/upload-button";

const MyUploadPreview = getUploadPreviewForBatchItemsMethod(useBatchAddListener);

export const App = () => {
return (
destination={{ url: "[upload-url]" }}
<div className="App">
<UploadButton>Upload Files</UploadButton>
<br />