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npm install @rpldy/uploader


The Uploader is the processing and queuing engine for React-Uploady. It takes care of many things:

  • hand data to the sender to be uploaded
  • handle upload items and batches
  • keep internal state of uploads and their statuses
  • trigger external events
  • orchestrate concurrent uploads (when configured)
  • group items into single request (when configured)
  • supports enhancers for custom functionality

When files are handed to the Uploader, it will represent each file as a Batch Item and group them together in a Batch.

The uploader works well out of the box, but it can be configured with many options to make it suit a myriad of use-cases.


If you're looking to integrate file upload with your React app, you'd probably want to head over to the @rpldy/uploady page.