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Drag and Drop

D&D uploads are a great way to allow users to upload files to your server.

react-uploady offers the simple, yet useful, @rpldy/upload-drop-zone to initiate uploads for individual files or even directiories.

If you wish to use a 3rd party library to manage the D&D interaction while using Uploady, you can do so easily.


This example shows how to use the popular react-dnd library.

It uses the Uploady Context API to initiate the upload when the file is dropped.

import React from "react";
import { DndProvider, useDrop } from "react-dnd";
import Backend, { NativeTypes } from "react-dnd-html5-backend";
import Uploady, { useUploady } from "@rpldy/uploady";

const DropZone = () => {
const { upload } = useUploady();

const [{ isDragging }, dropRef] = useDrop({
accept: NativeTypes.FILE,
collect: ((monitor) => ({
isDragging: !!monitor.isOver()
drop: (item) => {

return <div ref={dropRef} className={isDragging ? "drag-over" : ""}>
<p>Drop File(s) Here</p>

export const MyApp = () => {
return <DndProvider backend={Backend}>
<Uploady {...}>