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Submit Form

A times we need to handle a form that contains multiple fields and a file input. In this use-case, submitting the form should upload the file, but also send the fields' content.

This guide will show you how to handle this very use-case.


Custom Upload Field

First we define the upload field. We don't need to handle input with type="file". We let Uploady do that. We can create a simple div that will both act as the file browse trigger and show the selected file name:

import React, { forwardRef, useState } from "react";
import { useBatchAddListener, useBatchFinishListener } from "@rpldy/uploady";

const MyUploadField = asUploadButton(
forwardRef(({ onChange, ...props }, ref) => {
const [text, setText] = useState("Select file");

useBatchAddListener((batch) => {

useBatchFinishListener(() => {
setText("Select file");

return (
<div {...props} ref={ref} id="form-upload-button">

The button uses the useBatchAddListener and useBatchFinishListener to set and clear the file name from the field respectively.

The Form

Next, we define our form with our custom upload field and additional inputs:

import React, { useState, useCallback, useMemo } from "react";
import { useUploadyContext } from "@rpldy/uploady";

const MyForm = () => {
const [fields, setFields] = useState({});
const [fileName, setFileName] = useState(null);
const uploadyContext = useUploadyContext();

const onSubmit = useCallback(() => {
uploadyContext.processPending({ params: fields });
}, [fields, uploadyContext]);

const onFieldChange = useCallback((e)=> {
[]: e.currentTarget.value,
}, [fields, setFields]);

const buttonExtraProps = useMemo(() => ({
}), [setFileName]);

return (
<MyUploadField autoUpload={false} extraProps={buttonExtraProps}/>
<input onChange={onFieldChange} id="field-name" type="text" placeholder="your name"/>
<input onChange={onFieldChange} id="field-age" type="number" placeholder="your age"/>
<button id="form-submit" type="button" onClick={onSubmit} disabled={!fileName}>Submit Form</button>

Notice that our submit button uses the processPending context api method to initiate the upload. The additional form fields are passed as params, which will be added to the form data sent as part of the request.

We also pass autoUpload as false in order for the uploader mechanism to wait until we're ready to upload. This allows the user to select a file and fill the other fields independently. Only calling processPending will initiate the upload.

Tying it all together

Finally, we render our form inside the <Uploady> provider so it all works:

const App = () => {
return (
destination={{ url: "" }}
<h3>Using a Form with file input and additional fields</h3>

We pass multiple = false so user can only select one file at a time. And pass clearPendingOnAdd as true. This will make the uploader "forget" previously added uploads. Since we use autoUpload, we want to replace the pending file rather than add to it. Once processPending is called, only one file will be uploaded.

Code is available in this sandbox.