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1.0.0 Released

· One min read
Yoav Niran

I'm very excited to announce that today React-Uploady is finally 1.0.0.

What does it mean?

Technically, very little as no new features or changes were done between this and the previous version.

What this milestone does mean is that just over two years of Uploady being available, used by many, tested, and improved, it's finally considered mature and stable.

It has been very pleasant to see this library grow while never requiring any significant change or refactor since its initial release. And of course, the most exciting part has been its adoption and the wonderful feedback and support by the community.

Moving forward, Uploady will remain as it is. There are no plans currently to add new components or APIs. However, I'm always looking forward to hearing from the community on what works and what doesn't. And to learn about new flows, on top of the many Uploady already supports, that can be added.

Here's to many more years of Uploading! 🚀 💪