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Uploady 1.5.0 Released

· 2 min read
Yoav Niran

It's been a while since the last 1.4.x releases, so I thought I'd celebrate it with a short blog post.

The full details of the release can be found in our Changelog or in the Release page.


This version doesn't hold any ground-breaking changes (nor any breaking-changes), but it does include some improvements & bug fixes. Improvements that come directly from the community, which is always great to see:

  • #545 - Expose upload total size in item progress event

  • #546 - Improve progress percentage smoothness for batched uploads

  • #547) - Formally support userData in the Upload Options


Between the last release and this, there has been a ton of dependency upgrades - pretty much everything that could be upgraded, was. As of this writing Uploady is using the latest Lerna, Cypress, Storybook (why is it always so hard to go from one major to another?!), and so on.

These upgrades are important as they also address security vulnerabilities. Luckily (and by design), Uploady has very few run-time dependencies, making it less prone to be harmed by such issues.

Speaking of security, a new policy has been released.

New Contributors

Thank you to our new contributor on his submitted & merged PR: @rickythink

Until Next Time

Keep Uploading! 🚀 💪